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   Birthplace of the American Forest Conservation Movement
Hotel Fauchere, Milford, PA
What they say about Milford:

"For those seeking a cute weekend getaway without dealing with the hipster crowd in the Hudson River Valley." -, Oct 2016.

Milford was included on the list of "cool towns" by Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel magazine.

Atlantic Magazine called Milford "the prettiest county seat in America."

"The beauty of the Delaware River Valley, only 90 minutes' drive from Manhattan, will astonish first-time visitors.  The lovely valley's quaintest town is Milford." - Condé Nast Traveler UK.

"Milford, PA., remains a rarity: a spot filled with natural beauty just 70 miles from New York City that hasn't been overrun by vacationers and weekend homeowners." - The Wall Street Journal.

"New York's rich and powerful throughout the late 19th century has been reincarnated as a civilized 21st-century hideaway." - Travel + Leisure, June 2007.

"Milford is now being re-discovered by artistic types looking for a nearby weekend retreat." - Westchester Magazine, June 2007.

"...real show stopper: the historically rich and cute-as-a-button river town of Milford."
-The Observer Online, May 2012.

No. 3 in top ten list of US small towns.  -Urban Titan, May 2012.

101 Best Outdoor Towns, Unspoiled Places to Visit, Stay and Play, Tuff-Melville, 2007.
Milford PA, seen from The Knob, a 45 minute hike up the hillside on well marked paths.
On the upper left, US I-84.
On the right, the Delaware River.
Up the center: Routes 6 and 209.
Lower center: Milford's historic district.
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Ed Nikles, Milford PA
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The Milford Enhancement Committee works to make Milford, the county seat of Pike County, Pennsylvania, a better place to live, visit and do business by protecting its historic character and improving its streetscapes and public spaces.

Laurel Villa, Milford PA
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Sweet Sweet Wonderland, Milford PA
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